Center for Culinary Education

High Scardus Trail Lodge Training

Recapping our gastronomy and hospitality workshop for lodge hosts on the High Scardus Trail in Eastern Albania. A special thanks to Sokol Prenga from Qendra për Edukim Kulinar and Guest House Sabriu for hosting the event, as well as to the 14 enthusiastic participants and GIZ North Macedonia for their support in making the event a reality.

Gastronomy highlights:
• Food safety, storage, and understanding dietary preferences & allergies
• Constructing meals with balanced nutrients and cost considerations
• Catering to the tastes of international adventure travelers
• Introducing 25 new dishes featuring local ingredients

COVID-19 Hospitality:
• Implementing safety measures for international guests
• Addressing guest needs and expectations
• Recognizing individual roles in the High Scardus Trail project
• Exploring digital marketing strategies

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