Center for Culinary Education


Our Board & Team

QEK is indeed an initiative by Sokol Prenga, but he has chosen to gather among the best Albanian professionals, who come with experiences both within and beyond borders, professionals in the education sector, food technology experts, sommeliers, and other professionals with expertise in environmental knowledge, green initiatives, sustainability, and more.

Sokol Prenga

Executive Director & Chef Instructor

Zef Gjeta


Eleni Laperi

Art Director

Mukades Memajdini

Academic Expert

Jeta Lakrori

Healthy Food Expert

Aida Gjinaj

Academic Expert

Arben Ciço

Tourism Manager

Armand Kikino

Chef Instructor

Valbona Vocaj

Human Resources

Avenola Liço

Project Coordinator

Elvin Jareci

FB Manager

Edvin Ahmati

FB Manager & Sommelier

Drilona Mulaj

Finance Expert

Christopher Tushaj

Program Coordinator

Rigels Rumani

Chef Instructor

Isuf Shehu

Chef Instructor

Hasion Tuci

Pastry Chef Instructor

Eno Muskaj

Pastry Chef Instructor

Christian De Rosa

Pizza Chef Instructor

Sheli Sakaj

Food Quality Control


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