Center for Culinary Education

Tirana Green Life: Creating a Sustainable and Inclusive Community

Tirana Green Living (TGL), a project by the Centre for Culinary Education, Qendra per Edukim Kulinar (QEK), has successfully concluded its first year of operations, making a significant impact on the local community. TGL’s mission is to promote social values, community integration, and support the local economy by offering high-quality, low-cost food products.

Through the TGL Community Shop, the project has managed to reach over 1,800 individuals and families in need, providing meals and food donations, as well as organizing culinary training sessions for marginalized groups. Furthermore, TGL has created employment opportunities for disadvantaged individuals, fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce.

TGL has also been successful in raising awareness about the importance of saving food, reducing waste, and donating food. Through various promotional materials, social media campaigns, and community events, TGL has inspired the local community to be more accountable and environmentally conscious.

In summary, Tirana Green Living has achieved remarkable results in just one year, proving the power of social entrepreneurship in creating sustainable, inclusive, and thriving communities.