Center for Culinary Education

Culinary Showdown at Gastro Fest Nis Serbia 2022: A Multinational Feast for the Senses

The 9th edition of the International Cooking Competition Gastro Fest Nis Serbia 2022 saw the Center for Culinary Education (QEK) joining the esteemed panel of judges, alongside culinary experts from around the world. With an impressive 400 competitors from 11 different countries, the event was a true celebration of diverse culinary talents.

Participants showcased their skills in various categories, including modern cuisine, meat and fish dishes, pizza and pasta, and restaurant desserts. In addition to these, there were heated contests for medals in national cuisine and fish soup prepared in a kettle. The festivities also featured masterclasses by renowned regional chefs and a large fair exhibiting local products.

Sokol Prenga of QEK represented the Center for Culinary Education on the international culinary judging panel, which also included Željko Neven Bremec and Stevo Karapanža from Croatia, Iulia Dragut from Romania, Vuksan Mitrović from Montenegro, and experienced Slovenian judge Tomaž Vozelj. The Gastro Fest in Nis also featured Osijek’s prominent sommelier Damir Zrno, who presented some of Croatia’s finest wines alongside a selection of traditional Slavic dishes from the Chingi Lingi Čarda restaurant and Slavic houses. Unsurprisingly, these offerings were met with delight from the event’s visitors, making the Gastro Fest Nis Serbia 2022 a truly unforgettable experience for all who attended.